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YK-SH1 1PCS 22M 200 LED 8 Work Modes String Solar Light Outdoor Garden Christmas Party Decor

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Working automatically at night.
Completely safe to use. Easy to install.
100% brand new! High quality! Ultra bright LED lights.
No wire needed,solar powered panel with rechargeable batteries installed.
Bright lights have two different modes of glimmering: flashing and stead on.
Perfect for decoration for indoor and outdoor. Idea for garden,trees,boats,cars etc.
Power reserves than Ni battery(Nickel cadmium),30% more than Nickel cadmium battery.
LED Qty: 200LED
Length of String: 22m
String Color: Red/Green/Purple/Pink/Multicolor/White/Blue/Warm White
Protecting Rating: IP44
Battery Capacity: 1200mAh
Light Effect: Steady on/Flash
Solar Panel Size: L95*W105mm
Charging Hours: 4-6 hours(in sunshine)
Working Hours:Steady on mode 6-8H;Flash mode 8-12H
LED Color: White/Blue/Warm White/Mixed-color(red,green,blue)
1. Turn on the switch.
2. Face the panel directly to the sunshine,make sure at least 8 hours of exposure to getting the solar energy.
3. Turn off the switch if you don't want your light to work automatically.
4. Please turn off before keeping elsewhere.
Package Included:
1 X Solar fairy lights
1 X Solar light panel
1 X Plastic pointed stake
1 X User manual

Customer Reviews 3 item(s)

Very bright ambience light I am very impressed by these lights. For being a solar powered set, they are amazingly bright and last all nights. They have two buttons behind the solar panel, one is switch and another one is to change model, it is easy to change the model you like. They work perfectly everywhere, I ordered these so I can set them up in my yard and use them at night. I am extremely pleased with my purchase, and would certainly buy them again. Review by ShenJiong / (Posted on 01/04/2018)
Excellent green solar LED lights. (+): Full 72ft., very bright, easy to decorate with, stays lit all night, solar stake allows for multiple angles and adjustments. (-): None Holding up very well to both very warm/sunny weather and water from rain and sprinklers. Would buy again! Review by PW / (Posted on 12/30/2017)
I love these lights! This is an unsolicited review, I receive no benefit from this; I just think this is a great product and I want to support them. We bought 10 sets of the warm white lights (200 LEDs each) for a wedding reception at our house, and people said that they gave a magical feeling to the evening. We strung 6 sets around the back yard in the trees. We put them up in August and took them down in December just before the snow was expected. We also strung 4 sets of these lights in the trees in front of the house in August, and they are still up and working fine, even in the snow and with dark winter days. If the days are really dark and overcast, they may be on only for an hour or maybe two in the evening, but generally they are on in the winter until at least 10 or 11 pm. If the days are clear, they may still be on at one or two in the morning. In the summer they would be on all night. We also bought four strings of the bright white lights, which I use with my regular Christmas lights. They are a bright white, with a blue cast to them; we preferred the warm white for the summer evenings. It gives a more relaxing glow. I don't care for most of the flashing modes, so I leave the lights set to solid. There is a twinkle mode, which is fine, but in the winter any of the modes, except solid mode, tend to cycle through all of the modes. If I were the manufacturer I would skip a lot of the modes. I would want solid, twinkle, flash, and 'always on'. In the evening gathering, we had also strung cafe lighting over the backyard, and those lights were too bright for these solar lights. An 'always on' setting would have been nice. Instead, I cut squares of black paper and taped them over the solar panel to make the lights go on when it was too bright, so we had the solar lights on in the trees around the edge of the yard, and the small cafe lights above. The clack squares worked for the evening, but then I had to take them off so they would recharge. The other thing I would like is a clamp to hold the solar panel to a tree branch. They come with a spike for the ground, but I want to mount them in the tree, which means I have to tie them to the branch. We have found these to be very robust and have not had a problem with them. They have been up in sun, shade, rain, hail, sleet, snow, below zero degrees freezes, and they are great. One solar box slipped out of the tree and fell into the stream. It sat under water for a couple of days until I noticed it, but after charging it continued to work perfectly. The lights have been up for about 6 months and they are still working. I recommend these! Review by CHRIS ERICKSON / (Posted on 12/25/2017)

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