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YK-S71D3 2PCS 16 LED Wireless Solar Light Waterproof Motion Sensor Outdoor Lamps For Patio Deck Yard Garden With Three Modes

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Shipping :Shipping by TNT POST <4 Orders ,over 5 Orders by DHL .Any shippy way is door to door.
-- solar panel:5.5V 0.75W
-- power:1W
-- Weight:0.23kg
-- led:16leds
-- sensor mode:light sensor & dim light & motion sensor
-- sensitivity distance:3m
-- IP rating:IP65
-- housing material:ABS
-- working temperature:-5~120°
1.easy to install it on walls,trees,metal and glass
2.using grade A+ battery cells,large capacity,long standby
3.intelligent sensing system provides overcharge,over voltage,short circuit and more security 
protection light brightness and human motion automatically
5.mode conversion:you can press the on/off button to change the mode.
  mode1:it will auto turn one light during the night time or at the dark area and auto turn off 
during the daytime or at the bright area
  mode2:it will auto turn on dim light at night,when people come close about 3-5m,it will turn on 
bright light for 30 seconds and then auto turn dim light again.
  mode3:during the night time or at the dark area, it will auto turn on light when it sensing 
human movement, and it delays 30 seconds when people walk out of it's sensing range then it will 

turn off.

Customer Reviews 46 item(s)

I like it except most of the time you have to be right up on it or even touching it to work. Review by debbi martin / (Posted on 01/08/2018)
This will be our THIRD summer/year using this product. They are GREAT ! The plastic top which covers the solar panel will get dull BUT they still work like a charm. We use them around our deck and other areas where our dogs run around and it's so cool that we know where they're at when the sun goes down. They will shut off after 30 plus seconds of no activity so the charge will last through 3 days of only clouds. Review by lindsay / (Posted on 01/04/2018)
God product Review by Sheila Smith / (Posted on 01/03/2018)
there great for my dog....when she has to go out at night Review by Rick / (Posted on 01/01/2018)
Work great as advertised and easy to install. Review by Paul Richards / (Posted on 01/01/2018)
These lights a great!! No lag time when you walk out! As soon as I open the storm door, they turn on quicker then when flies hits the poo!! The 16 LED lights are way bright enough too!! I am ordering more for the back porch and for the garage!! If you have ANY QUESTIONS or CONCERNS, please ask me!! Review by Kevinss / (Posted on 12/30/2017)
First of all, super bright! I got four pack of this cause the two out of four I bought from any other (braxia) was dead in one week for one and three weeks for another one. When I got these, they looked the same except for the power button when are much better than the other ones which you had to use a needle to turn it on and off. ( See pictures) with a simple push of a button the light is on and off without the use of trying to spend half a day finding the needle. Great improvement to this item. All four light was turn on at the same time and compared to the old ones that I had, these are so much brighter. And it has been 10 days so far and all four has been performing to perfection. No lost of light intensity or lost function of motion sensor. These are well worth the money. Will probably buy more for the outside of my garage. Since it is so easy to install. Review by Jack Lin / (Posted on 12/27/2017)
I ordered these after a break in. The Police Officer suggested motion sensor lights more than anything else as a deterrent to future crime. My cousin watched to see where light fell on the house during the day then installed them on the West and North facing sections of my house in the back yard. Wind and cats will set them off, which kind of creeped me out at first as I was rather jumpy. But they have been good and really light things up. I had to have the Roto-Rooter folks out at night to clear my sewer line. They had a very well lit yard to work in and the lights made sure they were able to walk safely in my uneven yard. They were very appreciative of the lights in addition to my back door light. I am happy with this purchase. It has been about a month now that I have had them. Review by Donna Robb / (Posted on 12/27/2017)
Simple and reliable Review by FrostByte Falls / (Posted on 12/24/2017)
easy install Review by Mike Crowe / (Posted on 12/24/2017)
Lights are great . One is defective and need replacement. Please let me know how will replacement work .just need one of them replaced out of 4 . Will buy 4 more next week. Please contact me. Update: got replacement. Works great , will order more. Review by priyadarshi upadhyaya / (Posted on 12/24/2017)
Love these lights . Put them up anywhere the sun will shine during the day and you want some light at night work great for security/motion lights even if the powder goes off these will still work Review by Paintball K / (Posted on 12/24/2017)

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