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YK-S3A5 4PCS/Lots P65 Wide Angle Security Motion Sensor Light with 3 Modes Motion Activated For Outdoor Garden

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 LED solar motion lights ensure efficient lighting as photovoltaic conversion rate is up to 17%. IP65

         waterproof design stands with harsh weather condition.

Unique Wide Angle Sensor

         It can detect movements from 10 to 26 feet at up to 120 Degree, covering much more illumination

        area. Wide angle sensor solar light`s ideal installation height is around 2.5 meters.

Intelligent Light Modes

         Waterproof motion sensor light comes with adjustable Medium Light Mode, Dim Light Sensor Mode

         and Sensor Mode to meet your demands. Convenient to switch the suitable light mode in the backside

         of the light.

Improved Illumination

         24 LED solar-powered lights provide supreme lighting. Brighter than the old version and other similar

        LED solar lights in the market.

Easy Mounting

       You can simply mount LED solar motion sensor light on the wall with included screws, no

       wiring necessary.

Adjustable Light Modes

1.Medium Light Mode: It will charge in the day. Auto turn on medium light in darkness or at night. The lighting time is about 4-6 hours after fully charged for 7-8 hours in the sun.  

2.Dim Light Sensor Mode: It will charge in the day. Auto turn on dim light in darkness or at night when no motion is detected. It will turn on to bright light when motion is detected and last about 17-20 seconds. It will turn on to dim light again when there is no motion.

3.Sensor Mode: It will charge in the day. Auto turn on bright light in darkness or at night when motion is detected and last about 17-20 seconds. The light will go off when there is no motion.

Package Includs:

4×LED Solar Motion Sensor Light (4Packs)


4×Pillar Hinge

1×User Manual

Customer Reviews 44 item(s)

Great motion sensor lights up fast Review by Kevin Gillihan / (Posted on 01/04/2018)
Works great for me, just be sure you install where it can get sunlight to recharge. Review by Charles L. Edwards / (Posted on 01/02/2018)
Seller really works hard to be sure customers are satisfied. They replaced 1st unit with a 2nd unit and it works great - as described - no problems - thank you so very much for your fantastic customer service! When the lights are on high intensity they are very bright for such a small light fixture. Am using setting #2 so after dark they produce a lower light intensity and only come on high intensity when motion is detected. Thanks again Megan/customer service for all your help! Review by rdkevk / (Posted on 01/01/2018)
Awesome solar light! I was impressed with how bright the light was compared to my neighbors lights. Will be buying more! Review by Leslie Olivas / (Posted on 12/30/2017)
Batteries are good quality. Packaged nicely. Bright! Price is decent. Drawback is that the motion sensor is not as sensitive as I expected or as wide range. At 9 feet I have to pass it twice for it to pick up. Review by M. Malapaya / (Posted on 12/30/2017)
I was a little hesitant on installing solar lights where I would normally wire up some flood lights or coach style lights. These lights work Great ! I did use some double back 3m tape to mount two of them instead of drilling a hole for the one mounting screw. I just cleaned the surface with rubbing alcohol where the tape was going to go on the light and the wall and they mounted perfect. I did have a problem with two of the four lights that didn’t dim properly. I was just going to use them in the on/off setting but StarTop didn’t hesitate to send out two brand new ones. What nice customer service. I’m going to need to order a few more. No more electric lights for me. These work flawlessly and are nice and bright. Thanks StarTop Review by Daryl A. / (Posted on 12/27/2017)
I had previous purchased a different brand of URPower solar LED lights for around my house. I thought they were bright until I purchased these. These lights are very bright and distribute the light very well because of the 3 sides of LEDs. I actually purchased 2 4-pack sets amd about to buy a 3rd. These lights have a great option to be on a dim setting and if it senses motion it fully activates its bright LEDs. I do recommoned you use the screws provided or use 2 to 3 1-inch strip of double sided outdoor Gorilla adhesive tape Review by J. Diaz / (Posted on 12/27/2017)
they were super easy to install, they've been up for a month and are working beautifully. I will review again after 3 months. They light is very bright and picks up the motion a good 10 feet away with the side detector. I cant say how far from the front because I have a fence but if my neighbor goes outside on his side of the fence they also light up! Two are set up in the back part of the yard and when my dogs happen to go out to that far back part of the yard they immediately light up. Very happy with the purchase. They've been up for a month. Review by PGW / (Posted on 12/27/2017)
This is a great light. The 3 way switch allows you to set it to stay off until it is triggered. This means that in low use applications such as mine the limited sun it receives keeps the battery charged. It is not on all the time which runs down the battery. You can set it to do so but this makes it much more useful. The light is very bright and sensor is sensitive. I have the light mounted on the side of the house at about 8.5 ft AGL. It is covering an alley way that is about 35 feet long and about 8 feet wide. The side LED provide enough light for the 35 ft ft length. The light at 8.5 feet high triggers as soon as I enter alley way at about 15 feet on a diagonal. It lights up the previously dark space exceptionally well. I have only had it for about 2 weeks but it has been through several rain storms and has continued to work. Review by BFL / (Posted on 12/25/2017)
The LTIOM Solar Light was a bit of a gamble because 1.) We live in the foggiest part of the state, 2.) It rains about 50% of the time in the winter and 3.) Lots of trees around the property mean both shade in the summer and even less sun in the winter! That being the case, I needed a light that could face south for as much sun as possible for charging and yet provide some 'side spill' illumination because the main concern was being able to see my front door locks when coming home at night (without running the car port lights all the time.) So the situation was kind of difficult. Whether this light could charge enough during rainy days to work nominally for short periods and provide enough side spill light to illuminate the door around the corner were the questions that only trying it could answer. I have run the light for several days and nights now to be confident that the initial success would continue, and I'm happy to report that it has. Amazon offers some solar lights with photo panels that are separate from the light assembly, and that type might be an option for some daylight-challenged installations. For my south-facing carport light, being mounted a few inches under the roof gutter on a soffit has proven to be adequate and it really can't get much easier than a one-screw installation; about 10 seconds with a cordless drill and a phillips bit got the supplied screw into the wood, put 'er on setting #3, motion sensor-activated 30-second on-time, and we were good to go. The motion sensor works well enough so that I can get just slightly ahead of the sensor (coming from behind it) and the light comes on. If you keep moving inside the sensor effective angle, the light stays on until you move out of range, or motion stops. The light assembly itself is slightly larger than a Samsung galaxy 7, as is the photocell array; for such a small light it produces very bright white light that illuminates an area about 10' wide and 10' deep (I actually haven't measured this so don't hold me to this). it is more than adequate for this intended purpose. All in all a really useful piece of gear, so far trouble-free and so easy to set up, all of life should work this well. :-) Review by D L / (Posted on 12/25/2017)
After buying these solar lights i had a few quesion that were all answered by Megan. I must admit the solar lights are bright and light up my back yard very well. I wish you could adjust the time on how long the lights stay on after motion sets them off but all in all, very good solar lights and i've bought alot of different one and these are the best and brightest by far.. Review by JAY / (Posted on 12/25/2017)
Just received two of these and got them mounted easily with the single screw mounting hole. They were charged out of the box so after dark I went and tested them both and they work awesome! Have them mounted slightly below the roof line at about 6-7 ft up. I have looked at hundreds of these type of lights and have yet to find one as compact, bright and innovative as this one. The side LED's really are great. The corner LED's put out just enough extra light to really make the unit very efficient as a whole. Most comparable units only feature forward-facing LED's. As far as the motion sensor goes I am very pleased. They registered motion in the front at around 20+ feet and about the same slightly to the side as well. No false-triggering of the sensor during some wind when the tree branches were swaying either. For the money I don't think these lights can be beat. Only had them up for a few days but so far so good! Review by Kevin Gillihan / (Posted on 12/25/2017)

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