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YK=S27A1 SolarGlow Stainless Steel LED Solar Garden Lights, 15 Lumens, Bright White, Waterproof (6 Pack)

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NO-HASSLE INSTALLATION! Simple, EASY installation out of the box! There's NO HASSLE because there are NO WIRES! Runs completely on solar power. Turns on at dark, off at dawn!

100% SOLAR-POWERED! Save money on electricity when you use the sun. It's FREE! Plus... the batteries RECHARGE THEMSELVES through the day!

PREMIUM STAINLESS STEEL DESIGN & SUPER-BRIGHT! Super-Bright 15 Lumen clear light shines forth from each LED light. Position them on your path for the ultimate in beauty AND safety!

ALL-WEATHER-RESISTANT! No worries about rain, snow, frost, or sleet. Rugged ABS plastic construction gives the longest-lasting life of any LED lights on the market! Made tough and sealed tight!

100% LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE! Simply contact us if you ever have issues with your SolarGlow lights & we'll rush replacements FREE FOR LIFE! You take NO RISK if you order now by clicking the orange "Add To Basket" button on this page!



UBeautify your garden or flower beds and pathways with this set of SIX Super-Bright 15 Lumen, premium stainless steel LED Solar Accent Lights!

You'll love the look! Just plant them into the ground. The stake has a sharp point and won't require much pushing to get it in the ground.

Unlike others, these LED lights use solar-powered RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES! That means you don't have to worry about replacing something down the road, long after you lost the instructions!

These require NO WIRES! The sun recharges each unit during the day. All you have to do is put them where the sun can hit them! With a bright sun on a clear day, the LED charge can last for 8 hours or more during the night! That's plenty of time to keep your yard looking great for a party, or just relaxing in the evening by yourself or a loved one and a good book, a glass of wine, or whatever you desire!

You'll love these lights as they give that "enchanted" look to your garden, flowers, or anywhere you put them in your yard! And since they're weather-resistant, they stand up to rain, snow, heat, and ice. You don't need to pull them up at the end of each season and re-install them the next. No. These will happily stay in the ground and keep your yard beautiful without all the hassle of regular lights!

The energy-savings alone is worth the investment. But these are also the most fairly-priced high-quality LED lights you'll find anywhere! And with our "No-Questions-Asked" lifetime replacement guarantee, you can contact us anytime for free replacements in the event of any defective lights

Troubleshooting Steps: 1. Make sure unit is turned on. 2. Make sure unit is placed in full sunlight. 3. Make sure solar panel is clean. If not wipe off. 4. Cover the panel to test light. Light will only Light will only work in darkness. 5. Switch off and allow to charge for 72 hours. Then re-test.

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Absolutely LOVE these solar path lights! They give off just the right amount of accent lighting on my walkway at night. The silver finish looks quality during the day and at night. The lights turn on at night as soon as it gets dusk so I don't have to worry about turning them off and on. Plus they are wireless so I can put them anywhere. Will be getting more the other side of my outdoor area. Great product! Review by Andre Villalon / (Posted on 01/04/2018)
These are the brightest solar lights that I have seen. I put one out to see how they worked with about 1 hour of sunlight left. It was bright and lit all night. I then put the rest up with about 4 hours of sunlight and the were bright at 5 am the next morning. High quality. I recommend. Review by Ronnie / (Posted on 01/03/2018)
The lights are easy to install and work well. But that is not what I am giving the 5 star rating. The product is good, but the customer service from this seller is unbelievable. The family owned business contacted me by emailed to insure I had received the lights and I was happy with them. Honestly, I ignored their first email because I hadn't even opened the box. Over the weekend, I decided to get busy setting up the lights and putting them in the ground. One of the globes was cracked, but still functional. I broke one of the spikes trying to get another light into the ground. Totally, my fault. A few days later, I received a follow up email from the seller asking if I was happy with the lights and if I had any issues or questions. I responded that I was happy with the lights and mentioned the cracked globe and that I had broken one of the spikes. No big deal. The seller responded they had a lifetime guarantee and would send me a replacement. I hadn't even requested a replacement. The seller sent a whole new set of lights, not just a replacement globe and spike. And I had it 2 days later. Best purchase experience ever! Review by AN / (Posted on 01/02/2018)

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